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Woman Within

 Empowerment of Woman Within: Stylish, Comfortable Clothing for Every Body Type | Woman Within offers trendy, inclusive fashion from petite to plus 3X sizes. Explore our high-quality, diverse garments designed for comfort and confidence. Join our community celebrating individuality and self-expression.

Unveiling the Empowerment of Woman Within: A Journey of Fashion, Comfort, and Confidence

One of the oldest brands in the fashion world is a business that caters to the true depth and understanding of the woman, and each time a new trend was sought the world-over, Woman Within never lost popularity. The world of fashion is a fast-paced cycle of trends emerging and existing and then vanishing. Only the ones that steadily remain can be attributed to something more than just trend. Woman Within is a label that is timeless. It has a heart and soul, and far more importantly it considers the heart and soul of the woman it caters to. The company’s vision as you can read on their website is to make all women feel beautiful. When this brand first started, being plus-size was something that would be advertised, but now it simply shows clothes on women of all sizes from plus sizes to thin sizes, and even some that fall in the middle – and the message is simple, ‘there is a dress for everyone’. How did Woman Within evolve from being just a company solely working for larger people?

Roots of Empowerment:

It was a simple yet profound concept, to create trendy clothing that fits larger women and makes you look fabulous. From that came Woman Within, created in 1998 amid what founder Carol Schneider calls the ‘fashion industrial complex’ – in other words, ‘the old industry of exclusion’. It was a simple yet profound concept, to create trendy clothing that fits larger women and makes you look fabulous. The ultimate goal was to break ‘size stigma’ and ‘beauty standards’. Schneider spent years researching and developing products for the diverse retailer. The brand offers sizes ranging from petite to plus 3X, in straight, petite and tall, designed to accommodate every body type. Its focus is entirely on inclusivity.

The Essence of Comfort:

Comfort is paramount when it comes to Woman Within, which is serious about being stylish while providing women with a safe place to be themselves. Loungewear to lounge in during movie nights tucked in at home, or a wardrobe to dazzle the world in – everything at Woman Within is designed and made to exacting standards. Soft to the touch, thoughtful in its design and quiet in its understatement, the Woman Within look allows women to wear what they want, when they want, without a care in the world.

A Journey of Self-Expression:

Fashion is an extension of who you are, a way to express your personality and your values. So, rather than dictate what a woman should wear, Woman Within provides fashion that enhances her, allowing women to express who they are, to experiment and try something new. My daughter has returned to the store on several occasions, wanting to see what’s new. She has discovered there are a variety of styles, colours and, of course, patterns, and she has also discovered that the staff is accepting, taking the time to encourage her to search for clothing that fits her personality and conveys her values. The staff understands that fashion is not just dressing to clone someone else; they are interested in helping customers find clothing that expresses their individuality. Woman Within’s designers have articulated their desire to help women conceive of themselves, individually, and to help realize their vision as they dress and express themselves. There appear to be many things that women can experience.

Community and Connection:

Beyond the field of fashion, Woman Within fosters an authentic community and social network of women by hosting social media campaigns, embracing alternative marketing strategies, and providing space for women to tell their stories, support one another, and feel celebrated. Whether it’s through body positivity movements or empowerment campaigns, fashion becomes a conduit for social change as Woman Within embraces transformative, community-driven exchange.

The Power of Representation:

With increasing exposure to airbrushed beauty, particularly through the beauty industry and fashion modeling, the representation of people whose looks most closely reflect the everyday woman is key. By using models across an age, size and ethnicity spectrum to showcase the clothing in all its campaigns and catalogues, Woman Within goes against the Paris atmosphere and represents a greater percentage of the female population. In doing so, the brand gives women an outlet for seeing themselves, reminding them not to shy away from enjoying femininity as a concept.

Quality and Reliability:

This emphasis on quality and durability in an industry where fast fashion and disposable clothes are the norm is key to the enduring success of Woman Within. High-quality fabrics, artisanal stitching and finishing ensure that every Woman Within garment feels like a valuable addition to any woman’s wardrobe. This focus on quality and durability is one of the many reasons why Woman Within has become a trusted name among millions of women around the world.


In a culture where beauty standards are ever-changing and unstable, Woman Within stands as a steady offering of beauty, a celebration of diversity and a platform for individual expression and empowerment, in categories of fashion that are inclusive, comfortable, and stylish. The expansion of Woman Within’s reach, inclusive nature, commitment to comfort and style, and appreciation for diverse women’s bodies has created a brand that has transcended commercial motivations to have global social reach and to create collective and ongoing empowerment for women. Woman Within isn’t just a clothing company, it’s a movement – a rallying cry of sorts – of women supporting women and investing beauty into being comfortable, comfortable into being beautiful, empowerment into self-expression, and self-expression into self-fulfillment. As we continue on this journey of self-discovery and growth, let’s continue to look to Woman Within, holding on to the world-expanding truth that beauty comes from within, and that every woman has the power to be comfortable, confident, and beautiful – as she is.