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Women Shelters Near Me

 Discover how women's shelters offer vital support for those in crisis. Learn how to locate shelters near you for assistance and support.

Understanding the Importance of Women's Shelters:

Women’s shelters, also known as domestic violence shelters or women’s refuges, are essential services available to assist women and their children who are experiencing homelessness in the context of gender-based violence and interpersonal violence. Women’s shelters provide accommodations for short-term stays for women and children who are fleeing, or have recently fled, violent situations, or are homeless due to situations of abuse. Services provided by women’s shelters include counselling, legal support and advocacy, court accompaniment, advocacy with community services such as housing, employment assistance and healthcare, and support groups.

How Women's Shelters Operate:

Women’s shelters might operate as a non-profit business or as part of a larger social service agency, and are often funded through a combination of government grants, donations and volunteers. With well-trained staff and volunteers, women’s shelters are able to provide safe places with positive buildings and other amenities to give abused women a safe place to live, while supporting them to live their lives free from violence and abuse.

Locating Women's Shelters Near You:

Looking for a listing of women's shelters in your area may be important to you or someone you know if they are in need of assistance. Follow these steps to help you find women's shelters near you:

  • Info online: Research directories and databases with listings for women’s shelters, both by geographic location. You’ll find lots of information about specific agencies and their services, provided through their websites.

  • Hotlines and Helplines: Calling a domestic violence hotline or helpline is another way to get immediate help, and may offer the added benefit of being able to find a women’s shelter close to you. Helpline operators are trained professionals who can provide confidential support.

  • Local Social-Service Agencies: Call local social-service agencies, such as community centres, counselling centres or government offices, and ask for local information regarding women’s shelters at your location. Many of these local partners have relationships with local-area women’s shelters.

  • Word of Mouth: Ask a trusted friend or family member or community leader to provide you with a recommendation or referral to a women’s shelter near you. In times of turmoil, hearing from someone you trust can be a huge relief and a powerful source of inspiration.


Women’s shelters are vital resources for women and children experiencing domestic violence, homelessness or other urgent situations by providing essential services such as shelter, access to support and resources, and helping women to escape cycles of abuse and violence, and move on with their lives. If you’re in a situation where you need shelter or other support, please contact somewhere for help and find a women’s shelter near you. This is not just something we read, it’s real. We are here to support you if you need our help at any time. We believe in you. We stand with you.